Lighted Markers, continued

Marker Installed Installing Markers

After you finish drilling the markers cut them loose from the sprue and install them on the locomotive.† The photo at the right shows one of the markers installed.


marker with holeThe wires from the LED are going to be fed out the rear facing marker lens and passed through a small hole in the skyline casing.† The photo to the left shows the small .022Ē (.5mm) diameter hole that I drilled for the wires to pass through.†



Test fitting LEDThis next picture to the right shows how the LED fits nicely inside the marker light.† For obvious reasons you should wait to install the LEDís until you have finished with all the painting on the model.


LED installed in markerThe picture to the left shows the LED installation with the wires routed through the hole in the skyline casing.† Use a fine paint brush and paint the wires the same color as the boiler, or in this case the same color as the skyline casing.† As you can see the wires essentially disappear as they are even hard to spot in this closeup photo.


After the LEDís have been installed itís time to test them before you add the lenses.† Using a 5 volt power supply with a 1000 ohm series resistor connect up the LED and verify that it lights.† You may have to reverse the leads to the power supply if you happen to have the polarity wrong.† Donít use any more than 5 volts for this test as a higher a voltage will damage the LED if it is hooked up backwards. †After you figure out the correct polarity label the wires; I used a Sharpie marker and colored one of the wires.


Marker with Kristal Klear #1Marker w Kristal Klear #2Now itís time to add the lenses to the markers.† I used MicroScaleís Kristal Klear and carefully filled in the lens areas using the end of a tooth pick to dab the material in place.† These next pictures show a couple of different views of the lenses just after I finished applying the Kristal Klear.† The Kristal Klear is a white colored material that dries completely clear, hence its name.† As with any liquid based material it tends to shrink up as it dries.† After the material is dry go back and add some more, keep repeating this until the lens area is completely filled up.† This usually takes about three repeated applications.


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