Restoring the Tender

The tender that originally came with the P-10 model was a C-120-8 class with the oil bunker extension.  Somewhere in its life the tender was substituted with a C-120-3 class which is appropriate for the 2467.  Other than needing a new paint job the tender is pretty good shape.


Here is a picture of the tender in its original condition:

C-120-3 tender (original condition)


A common problem with tenders is poor electrical conductivity in the area of the truck bolsters.  The brass becomes oxidized in this area resulting in intermittent electrical contact.  To fix this problem I silver plated the bolster contact areas along with the drawbar pin.


Here are the before and after shots showing the areas that have been silver plated:

Bolsters, original condition Bolsters after silver plating


I then stripped off the paint using Jasco paint remover.  After stripping I bead blasted the tender parts to clean up the brass and remove the last remaining bits of paint.


Here is a picture of the tenderís parts after paint stripping:

Tender parts after paint stripping


The tender was then repainted with the same mixture of two parts Floquil weathered black to one part engine black.  Just as with the boiler Glosscoat was applied in preparation for lettering.


Here is the lettered tender in its glossy paint:

Lettered tender, view 1 Lettered tender, view 2


Once again after lettering the tender was sprayed with several light coats of Testorís Dullcoat to flatten out the sheen of the paint.  The tender is now ready for its weathering.


To finish off the tender restoration the wheels were replaced with solid nickel silver wheels from North West Short Line.


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